Astrophotography by Philipp Salzgeber




Wolfurt / Austria

A lot of spring activity on the Sun



Image of the Sun through a  white-light solar filter.

a detail of the image above, showing three different groups of sunspots.

Another sunny saturday - time to photograph our active Sun! With the number of big sunspots the possibility of a geomagnetc storm is increasing, which might lead to middle-latitude auroras, which I would like to see again after the great 2003 display.

The color was added to the image for better visibility of features and to make it more appealing.

Attention: never look at the sun without a proper solar filter, permanent eye-damage might occur!

Astrotech 80mm ED
Nikon D200
f/7 1/640s ISO 100, Stack of 9 images using Adobe Photoshop
19th February 2011




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