Astrophotography by Philipp Salzgeber




Wolfurt / Austria

M13 Globular Cluster


CCD-Astrophotography the simple way...
An outdated digital camera (hey, my CP950 is almost two years old!), a small telescope, and a cheap eyepiece was almost all that was used for this image. This is my second attempt at deep-sky astrophotography with the CP950.
I am very surprised about the quality (relatively speaking) of this image.

Technique: I made 33 8" exposures, and a darkframe. 3x11 images were registerd and added, the resulting three images were averaged. Only a little unsharp masking was used (68/1.4/0). I did not take a flat-field so my final image has a quite uneven backgroundd.

M13 images by other astrophotographers: Af9Y / Russ Dickmann / Rockett Crawford / Daphne & Tony Hallas / Michael Richmann

Vixen R130S, 5.1" Newton Telescope on Super Polaris GEM, 20mm eyepiece
Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera
33 x 8sec
25th, June 2001
Subtraction of dark frame, adding the single images in Photoshop

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