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Wolfurt / Austria

M51 The Whirlpool galaxy

On May 31st a supernova erupted in the galaxy M51. After about three weeks it reached it's maximum brightness. A spell of bad weather, short nights and moonlight prevented me from being able to take a picture of it. Today I was successful at last. This time I used a real (cut) Bahtinov mask and was able to use my QHY5 autoguider, so the raw images had better focus and a longer exposure, resulting in a much more improved image of M51 compared to my last result.

Move your mouse over the image to compare the current view of M51 with the image from early may and see the supernova as a blinking star in the upper spiral arm of the galaxy..

This image shows the whole field of view:

Astro-Professional 80mm ED f/7 Doublet with TS Flattener
Nikon D7000

12x 180" @ ISO 1600

Regim & Photoshop
27th June 2011





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