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Wolfurt / Austria

Unguided Galaxies

M51 The Whirlpool galaxy:


The Whirlpool galaxy (M51) in Canes Venatici. Thris was the first galaxy where spiral structure was seen by the Earl of Rosse in 1845. M51 consists of two interacting galaxies NGC 5194 and 5195 (the smaller one). It is visible in small telescopes, but the interesting structure is only visible with larger apertures. It's distance is about 15 million light years.

This is an uncropped version of the image above.

Leo Triplett (M65, M66 & NGC 3628)

M65, M66 and NGC 3628 are a striking sight in a larger telescope. In my 10" I can see the differences in structure between the two Messier galaxies and the dust-lane in the much fainter NGC 3628. M65 and M66 are located in the constellation Leo about 20-25 millon light years away.

This evening I had to take unguided exposures because my QHY5 autoguider decided it will not work with our Notebook.

Additionally It seems I am still not getting perfect focus, even though I used a Bahtinov mask.

Astro-Professional 80mm f/7 Doublet with TS Flattener
Nikon D7000

M51: 37x 30" @ ISO 3200
Leo Triplett: 38x30" @ ISO 3200

6th May 2011





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