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NGC 4565

NGC 4565 is one of my favourite galaxies, that makes it a great target for the first light image of my brand new Astro-Professional 80ED refractor.

I ordered the ED yesterday, and today it was already delivered!!! Even better the sky was clear tonight. At first I did some quick visual viewing and I didn't find any obvious faults with the lens. The mechanics are very nice. Since the wind proved too strong for the Newtonian which was collecting photons on the Chip of my D200 at the same time, I mounted the AP 80ED on the Super Polaris and was happy to get this very-first-light image:


On the original sized image dozens of galaxies of the Coma galaxy cluster are visible.

larger cropped version - an XL version - an annotated XL version

Astro-Professional 80ED, TS 2" Flattener
Nikon D200
7x300s, ISO 800
17th, March 2009
Preprocessing (Dark & Bias correction), Alignment & stacking in IRIS, histogram adjustment curves, color correction in Photoshop.




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