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Wolfurt / Austria

First-Light DMK camera


After dinner I got a call from three club members which were trying to get the drivers for the new club's new DMK camera installed on our club's laptop. But since the laptop is pretty old and only supports USB 1.1, this was not possible. Therefore I rushed to the observatory to provide a more recent laptop for the first-light of our new camera.

The first object we tried was the moon, but since the seeing was so bad, the images were not good, and since the same also applied to Saturn, we went fo rlonger exposures and we moved a little outward in the solar system, first we took a series of pictures of Ceres, the first and the last I combined into this animation showing the movement of Ceres against the background of stars:


We also targeted Comet Lulin, and created the following animation from 20 individual images:




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