Astrophotography by Philipp Salzgeber




Wolfurt / Austria

M31 the Andromeda Galaxy

After a long spell of cold weather, I used the first possible clear night to test some new equipment that I was able to get my hands on during the last months.

This is my first attempt at autoguiding, I used a QHY5 autoguider with my Super-Polaris mount. To be able to use the autoguider a relay box had to be soldered, which was done by Hanno (thanks!). This was also the first time I used a coma corrector. Sadly the battery of the camera drained very quickly, therefore I ended up with only 3 light and 2 dark frames. I am also not very happy with the flat frames, for which I used the laptop screen.

As a guidescope I used a 60mm Eschenbach Novalux 415 refractor. The QHY5 autoguider proved to be quite cabable, as I didn´t need to search for a guidestar, but was always able to find one in the field of my 60mm achromatic refractor.


150mm f/5 Newtonian
Nikon D200
3x300s, ISO 800
27th, December 2008
Preprocessing (Dark, Flat & Bias correction), Alignment & stacking in IRIS, histogram adjustment curves, color correction in Photoshop.



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