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The Moon
Images of Earth´s satellite by Philipp Salzgeber

On this Web Site you can find images of Earth´s satellite taken through a small telescope.
I use a video camcorder to take the images. In spite of the simple technique (in comparison to eye-piece projection or CCD imaging), I am quite satisfied with the results (you can see much better images at some of the sites listed in my moon-links).

Moon Thumbnails:

The craters Clavius and Porter

Lunar Eclipse:

Total Lunar Eclipse on 16 September 1997, total phase


The Lunar 100, the list of interesting lunar features compiled by Charles A. Wood

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 Recent Images
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2010 February 21

A nice 22° Halo around the moon


2009 April 7

A journey along the lunar terminator from Tycho crater to Mons Rümker.

2009 April 6

more lunar images with the 80mm ED: Clavius, Schiller, Aristarchus and a comparison between the QHY5 and DMK21 for lunar imaging.

2009 April 1

The Ariadaeus Rille in a C-11 and an 80mm ED refractor.

2009 March 7th

Clavius, Cassini, Schiller & Hainzl

2009 February 5th

Clavius and Kopernikus with a 110mm Schiefspiegler.

2009 February 2nd

A bunch of pictures showing features on the terminator of the 1st quarter moon.

2009 January 8th

Aristarchus and Schiller with the QHY5 camera.

2008 November 10th

Aristarchus, Wargentin & Marius Hills with handheld Fuji F31fd

2008 October 14th

An image of the full moon with an interactive legend to highlight some areas of interest.

2006 October 10


2004 November 05

Tilted Moon Images - With a technique devised by J-P Metsavainio it is possible to tilt images of the moon to rectify regions near the lunar limb which would be otherwise heavily distorted. I describe the technique on my page: Tilting the Moon

2004 November 09

Applying another idea by J-P Metsavainio I created some 3D Images of the moon.

2004 March 03

The Moon

2004 March 29

Half Moon - A mosaic of several images.

2004 February 24

Waxing Moon

2004 February 24


2003 November 9

Total Lunar Eclipse

2003 June 11

The Aristarchus region - again!

2003 May 16

Total Lunar Eclipse

Crater Clavius


My Clavius Saga continues...

New Processing Method using MoonStack


The occultation of Saturn by the moon.

The Full Moon

The double Crater:
Messier & Messier A
MPEG-1 movie of Crater Clavius
An MPEG-1 (663 kB) video of Crater Clavius.
The one day old moon
The Crater Copernicus
 My Lunar Videography Setup
My Video SetupSome of the Images were produced with rather common equipment. I use a Sony TR2200 Hi8 Camcorder. The camera is located on a tripod and looks into a 20mm Kellner eyepiece like a human observer would do. I digitize the images with a SNAPPY frame-grabber.
The more recent images were mostly made with a Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera. The camera is coupled to the telescope via a Vixen digital camera adaptor.
 List of Images

All images © Philipp Salzgeber

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