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Wolfurt / Austria

  Rima Hyginus

Rima Hyginus

© Philipp Salzgeber

The Rima Hyginus is the barely visible linear feature in the lower right of the picture, it runs straight through the small Crater Hyginus (10,5 km diameter). This crevasse is about 200 km long and about 4 km wide. It is visible when the moon is ar first quarter.

Comments: I used a Play/Logitech SNAPPY to get this picture into the computer. The Camcorder sat on a tripod, looking into the eyepiece the way a human would do.

Camera: Sony CCD-TR2200E Pal
Telescope: Vixen 130mm f/5,5 Newton with 20mm Eyepiece

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All images © Philipp Salzgeber

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