Lunar Images by Philipp Salzgeber




Wolfurt / Austria

 3D Moon

One way to make a pair of stereo images of the moon is to have two images of the moon with exactly the same phase but different libration. To get those two images you probably have to try for years. After I made the Tilted Moon page, I wrote to J-P Metsavainio who originally had the idea to apply the 3D Transfrom filter of Photoshop to the Moon He brought to my attention, that it is possible to make Stereo pairs from one exposure by tilting the image just a little. The October, 2nd 2004 Lunar picture of the day was made that way.

Here are some example done with my moon mosaic, Red/Blue 3D glasses should show a quite impressive 3D Effect.

The following image can be viewed without optical aid, you just have to relax your eye-muscles as you would when looking in the distance and try to merge the moon images in front of your eye. The trick is to move your eyes parallel, while maintaining a close focus, so you can see the details sharply.

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